Sherrie Voss Matthews • editor, writer and wordsmith

I've maintained and developed various online platforms for clients. Among my favorite projects:

Web Content:
The Power of Proofreading: Panel presentation for the American Copy Editors Society national conference 2010. Right-click to download.

Hem Sheela Model School: Revised Drury University's Hem Sheela Model School partnership. Worked with client and student developers to reorganize structure, edit and revise content, and add new photo galleries, PowerPoint sections and fundraising information in spring 2009.

Edward Jones Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Self-Employment in the Arts 2009 conference: Updated and content edited conference website. 2009

Shannon Abroad: Created online web section promoting Drury University's study abroad experience. Interviewed subject and created all web content. 2007.

Board Moderation: Served as one of 10 board moderators for a Gannett Corporation parenting chat board. I helped make the mommies (and guardians and grandparents and aunts) play nice. 2007-2009.

Drury University Facebook group: Maintained and monitored the official Drury University Facebook group, and I worked in concert with the Alumni and Development department to keep the content and event listings fresh. We have more than 850 fans. 2008-2009

Drury University Twitter feed: Initiated and updated the Drury University Twitter feed, which grew from no follwers in summer 2008 to more than 350 by summer 2009.

Web Editing: I line- and content-edited several sections for to help the website prepare for its relaunch in winter 2009. This section on baby bottles is a sample of my work. 2008-2009 I line- and content-edited several sections for in anticipation of its launch in fall 2008. Much of the aromatherapy section was done by me. 2008